Seeing Value in Wood

I caught a riveting episode of Shark Tank Tuesday evening that evidently first aired back in February. Three brothers from Boise, Idaho pitched an investment opportunity in which they were looking for money to expand their business for making hand-crafted eyeglass frames – from wood.  With roots in the family sawmill going back 60 years, this generation pursued  ‘adding value’. ‘Seeing’ the value potential by creating unique wooden eyeglass frames, the Dame brothers established Proof Eyewear in 2010. With cash constraints in the face of a rapidly expanding order file, they came to the Sharks looking for $150,000 for a 10% stake in the company. In the end the boys shocked the Sharks, walking away from $150,000 firm for a 25% stake. “You let greed cloud your vision!” barked Kevin O’Leary as they left the set. The creation of a Proof Eye Clinic in India as part of their corporate mission (announced last month here), indicates a broader focus. Of course, every lumber wholesaler who sees the episode (available under videos at the company’s Facebook page here) will want to order a pair of Proof wooden designers.. rose colored glasses through which to view the market..

~ Sawdust ~

Happy July 4th to our friends south of the border. No doubt celebrations will include time at many ball games scheduled across the United States. Meanwhile, the B.C. Wholesale Lumber Association’s 7th Annual Night at the Nat, in support of B.C. Challenger Baseball, is set for July 31st. The BCWLA has a longtime connection to the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club… not to mention the Canadians’ owner, and former BCWLA Lumberman of the Year, Jake Kerr’s ties to the lumber industry. Next to the Lumberman of the Year Roast, this family barbecue at the ball park is my favorite BCWLA event. And unlike the desperate efforts required to fill seats in honor of LotY Tom Davis, this event is an easy sell. For all ticket inquiries, contact BCWLA President Chris Sainas at Dakeryn Industries.

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