Touch Wood

The Touch Wood Sculpture Exhibition opened yesterday at the magnificent VanDusen Botanical Garden here in Vancouver. The idea of getting lost in a maze of trails encircling numerous lakes and ponds, carved into the lush grounds, seemed timely – a tranquil escape from turbulent markets. So upon leaving the office I picked up my two little daughters and off we went. With map in hand, we set out in the mist and fog in search of over two dozen sculptures and installations by 10 prominent B.C. artists – wooden treasures buried in secluded locations deep within the 22 hectare garden. Lauren and Evie also managed to find every single puddle along the way! I took the following photos of some of the wonderful works we saw – all made from salvaged, recycled, or scavenged wood; wood not converted to lumber – but beautiful art, which will forever hold its value…

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