Fire Forecast

News over the weekend came in the form of a warning, scrolling local TV channels courtesy of B.C. foresters; one fifth of B.C.’s working forest is at risk for major wildfires “never seen before in this province” due to dangerously high levels of fire fuels resulting from MPB-killed wood. A fired up John Betts of the Western Silvicultural Association likely won’t be accused of understating the threat to timber supply posed by forest fires: “They’re going to be of increasing severity in frequency, they’re going to be larger, they’re going to move faster across the landscape, they’re going to take out whatever’s in front of them, including our parks, our inventory, our transmission cords, our water sheds, and even some of our communities. I’m afraid that’s in the future, it’s not just being forecast here, it’s happening in other jurisdictions, and we’re going to see that happen here. We need to be preparing for that.”

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