Trouble Brewing

318uRcjAvnL._SL500_It’s true, on special occasions when lumber markets have closed on a Friday afternoon, the Dakeryn traders have together enjoyed an icy amber refreshment or two. But it turns out we’re virtual teetotalers when it comes to the Czechs.
On average, Czechs drink 37 gallons (296 pints) of beer per person annually. That’s the greatest volume of beer consumption per capita in the world. And who can blame them? In the birthplace of Pilsner, beer is apparently not only considered “mother’s milk for adults” – it’s cheaper than water. Changes to favorable pricing structures however, recently proposed by the Czech Republic’s health minister, have tapped bitter feelings. It’s reported here that chatter in the pubs has turned downright frosty. The minister concedes “I can imagine the law we offer may not be successful this year. But, then, maybe next time.”

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