Tail Wind?

Another report of interest from The New York Times opens with “a funny thing is happening to the U.S. housing market.” It goes on to outline the significant benefits an improving housing market can have on the whole economy. “They will not be just in the direct impact of spending on residential construction — although that is now growing at a faster rate than at any time since 1994 — or on such things as carpet and furniture. They will also show up in state and local government spending, until now one of the largest negatives during the slow recovery. Local government revenue is closely tied to property values through property taxes, and the collapse in home values led to layoffs of teachers and policemen, not to mention others, around the country. Then there is the wealth effect…” Full Story

~ Sawdust ~

  • The organizing committee of the NAWLA Regional Meeting in Vancouver advises this year’s date is set for April 11 at the Vancouver Club
  • Check out The Scramble for Choice Finished Lots Heats Up at Builderonline
  • Further to this post January 4th, the answer is in sight. In all probability there will be no export charge through March.

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