What are we to make of it?  At about the same time as forecasts for lumber demand next year are showing signs of optimism, the Mayans tell us the world is ending tomorrow.  For NHL hockey players it seems to have ended a few months ago. For cliff-watchers there are barely a few days left.  For Christmas shoppers, it’s coming down to the wire. In many parts of the continent it’s time to pull out some of the alleged 97 Inuit words for snow. In these parts the snow tires should have been installed before yesterday. Meanwhile lumber futures are not betting on it all ending tomorrow.  Neither are we.  Even so, for at least one lumber trader the matter of clearing up any unresolved matters  before the world ends took a serious turn when he found it wasn’t so easy leaving China until a lumber claim was settled. So, we’re not saying au revoir today, …  just  a toute a l’heure.. 

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