Taking Inventory

There was quite the piece over the weekend in The Vancouver Sun, addressing some of the many ‘post-beetle’ challenges unfolding in the forest. Perhaps most discouraging in the face of dwindling timber supply and declining forest health, is the significant volume of wood fibre that is reportedly being wasted in the field, symptomatic of a much deeper forest management problem.

The article goes on to delve into concerns surrounding the provincial government’s ‘action’ plan Beyond the Beetle, punctuated by a woeful lack of funding. Forests Minister Steve Thomson admits “there could be a snag” regarding a commitment to update inventories for example, since needed funding “will be determined in the context of the current fiscal challenges within government”. BC grapples with forest health.. Vancouver Sun Nov 3-2012

“What we need is dedicated action. We need resources. The government is saying the right things, but what I don’t see in any of the government reports is the dedication of funds, whether it’s dollars, or labour, or employees, to implement all these plans that are now being put into paper and reports. I read the ministry’s response to the legislative committee report, and they were dedicating money in the year 2013-14. I thought it was a typo.”
– John Allan, COFI

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