Just eat it

Today it’s announced that copy paper made mostly from wheat straw is available in Staples stores across Canada (see full story here).
Step Forward paper is made from 80% agricultural waste and 20% wood fibre and is FSC-certified. The company plans to build a wood-free mill in Manitoba to produce a similar product made from 95% wheat straw fibre and 5% flax straw. The product is expected to be “a hit with tree-lovers and environmentally conscious companies.”
Actor Woody Harrelson, “known for his vegan diet and support for anything that involves hemp” is a co-founder and investor in Step Forward paper. He supports making paper from wheat waste because he considers making paper from trees “barbaric”.
While there are many myths and misconceptions about how paper impacts the environment, we’re told Step Forward has the backing of an independent study which found their wheat-based paper to have the smallest environmental impact of all North American copy papers.
Envisioning the next step in which used copy paper holds potential as breakfast cereal is a concept not totally new. Breakfast in connection with recycling wood might be considered eating off-side inventory.. in Terms of the Trade?

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