The Good Deal

With a hat tip to Ernie Harder’s B&S Theory (stay tuned for future post!) The Good Deal is characterized by many factors. It is seen to be a win-win and fair by all parties. It is underscored with integrity. It is negotiated in good faith and trust. It is a stepping stone to building long term relationships. It appreciates a need for ‘give and take’. It is not afraid of ‘leaving something on the table’. It does not jeopardize long-term benefit for short-term gain. It recognizes that real value includes criteria beyond dollars. It appreciates the impact of success. It encourages well-being, delivers satisfaction for all involved.
We’re thinking about Gary Bettman and the NHL Players Association, although one might even be talking about a lumber transaction. Perhaps Gary and the boys could refer to this link for seven tips that might help them reach a good deal.

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