Take Our Kids to Work Day

with Evie.. 2012

It all seems a bit too complicated. For starters, I’d need to pack a high chair and diaper bag. And what’s to be learned from a “lumber donkey” (as Sainas likes to call us) anyway?
This year, Wednesday November 7th has been designated as the 18th Annual Take Our Kids to Work Day. We’re told the program is aimed at kids developing appreciation for their parents’ careers and roles in supporting their families. It’s designated to help children understand the importance of staying in school by learning first hand what skills are required in the workplace. We’ve also learned that in Toronto the Canadian Club of Toronto and the Learning Partnership are arranging a Take our Kids to Lunch Day on November 7th as part of the Take our Kids to Work Day.
I can’t speak for the other lumber traders here at Dakeryn, but in my household there sure seems to be a move afoot to encourage a Take Our Kids to Work Day at least once a week – lunches included.

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