Strange Bedfellows

These are confusing times. In this part of the world, on Canada’s wet coast, we’ve been accused of engaging in politics sometimes out of step with
the rest of the country. Our vast natural resources are always good for a debate about whether they’re being effectively managed, or not. Good thing. We’re reportedly past the peak of beetle-killed wood. Fibre’s king. The government’s ‘action’ plan to find more raises questions.
Now comes word here that a handsome bull elk has been banished from a B.C. Interior ranch, after falling in love with resident cows in heat. Some might fairly ask: what’s that got to do with lumber wholesaling? Such conjugal connections in nature might be seen by some pessimists as representative of supply channels, particularly in the new policy-oriented environment. Some days it’s difficult to detect whose identity more nearly relates to the elk or the cow in the ‘relationship’.

2 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows

  1. Great blog there! I’m an BsF forest management undergrad at UBC, found you blog while researching information on the midterm timer supply. I look forward to reading through some of your opinions.


  2. Hi Wolfie, thanks for taking the time to write! I appreciate the positive feedback.
    I like this line from the Faculty of Forestry’s BsF Forest Resources Management web page: “Managing a renewable natural resource is not rocket science. It’s more complex than that.”
    Regarding midterm timber supply, what a hot issue where stewardship of the forest is concerned – you’re likely already aware of lots of links to info on Twitter at #TimberSupply.


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