Keep on Truckin’

Transportation is a critical aspect of the ‘ wholesale function’ — always has been, always will be. With that in mind, there’s an interesting report here regarding a 2012 study at the University of Tennessee on how logistics involving transportation are examined, with aims of adding/creating value. The study concludes that a “value-creating partnership” with strategic carriers is key for suppliers to differentiate their service. I recall Mike Phillips, President of Hampton Affiliates, alluding to Hampton’s “guaranteed trucking agreements” at the NAWLA regional meeting earlier this year (see review here).

Speaking of traffic, this piece in The Province today tells us that while high tech GPS ”solutions’ may track the comings and goings of big rigs at Vancouver area ports, they don’t resolve the endless bottlenecks truckers contend with here: “Driving a commercial truck and trailer in Greater Vancouver is a nightmare. Not just for the sheer volume of traffic and the road restrictions, but also for the constant road construction that is everywhere.” Perhaps we’ll see a shift to hauling more at night in Vancouver, to alleviate traffic congestion during daytime hours? (Hat tip: Chris Albright, Dakeryn Traffic Manager).

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