Pigging out?

There’s little debate going on over relative value of wholesalers’ contribution in creating and facilitating effective distribution of lumber. Perhaps the real value might never be fully appreciated, until that day when, or if, (horrors of horrors) a real shortage of lumber traders became evident.  This is the dire situation the National Pig Association has drawn to the world’s attention today, with an announcement that we are on the verge of a significant bacon shortage. It seems that a shortage of pork products is now “unavoidable”. Apparently there are fewer pigs at the trough. It is no longer cost efficient to raise pigs. Evidently this is a serious economic issue – no time to ham it up.
We acknowledge that there’s no underestimating the relative value that pigs bring to the table when it comes to serving up a good breakfast. While the chicken makes a significant contribution, let’s not forget it’s the pig that makes a real commitment.

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