“A whole new ball game”

“The building spans 1.6 hectares alongside the Fraser River, and can store enough wood to fill 30,000 containers a year. That’s enough lumber and panelling products to make 90,000 new homes a year. Fed by a railway line, production from 10 of Tolko’s Interior mills is funneled to the site, where Tolko has easy access to containers that arrived full from China. Instead of going back empty, they are now going back loaded with B.C. wood.”

“Now we are seeing, with Tolko building a reload centre, confirmation that this is not a flash in the pan. This market is going to be part of the big picture going forward. Given the situation we have, in terms of the recovering U.S. market, and the prospects of a diminishing timber supply in the B.C. Interior, it is sure going to create an interesting dynamic in the future.”  – David Elstone, ERA Forest Products Research

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