All Aboard!

As we revel in the Canadian women’s soccer team winning a bronze medal following their thrilling 1-0 victory over France this morning, The Mighty Dakeryn now begins final preparations to navigate the high seas this afternoon.  It’s all part of an afternoon filled with strenuous team-building exercises, designed by ‘the guys with the ties’ specifically to test the limits of human endurance here on the trading floor.  We’ll depart just minutes from the office, at Lower Lonsdale in North Vancouver, where Captain Johnson awaits our arrival at the dock.  The crossing to Bowen Island is expected to take 45 minutes.  Tee-off is 3:00pm at the Bowen Island Golf Club, which offers a challenging 9-hole course “carved from a West Coast rainforest, featuring magnificent views of Howe Sound.”  Prior to our return to North Vancouver, our own  ‘medal ceremony’ will take place as we enjoy dinner together at the wonderful Tuscany Restaurant in Snug Cove.  Who brought the camera?!

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