1980 – First Annual BCWLA Roast

Ernie Harder and Phil Tindle

The First Annual B.C. Wholesale Lumber Association’s Lumberman of the Year Roast was held at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver on May 15, 1980.  Archived images of that evening are provided by Roastmaster Ernie Harder (Col-Pac Lumber Company Ltd), who went on to either MC or present at more than twenty BCWLA Roasts in the years that followed.  Ernie recalls that Charlie Widman (Cooper Widman) and Paul Plant (Ralph S. Plant Ltd), reportedly fierce wholesale competitors back in those days, found common ground to roast original honoree Phil Tindle (Ralph S. Plant Ltd).  A complete list of Lumberman of the Year recipients is available here.

The 32nd Annual BCWLA Lumberman of the Year Roast, honoring Joe Heath (West Fraser), will be held June 14th at The Vancouver Club.  Stay tuned for more Roast updates!

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