Risk-averse option?

How to manage risk effectively?  It’s a question faced daily on many fronts.   “Fund managers are reporting a rise in interest in forestry investments of all kinds.”  That’s the news from a recent Environmental Finance article here. “Forestry is a risk-averse option,” claims FRA’s analysis partner Peter Collins.  All of us associated with forest-related industry of course welcome this viewpoint.

Photo – PH

As a parent, I also noted with interest an article in the National Post today pointing to new research discovering the benefits of a little bit of risk in child development.  In these days where every swing set features protective padding underneath (a helmet remains optional), parents at a Winnipeg school initially fretted over a proposed ‘rocky hillside’ for their school’s new playground.  They envisioned dangers of skinning a knee or elbow – or worse.  In the end, parents decided the risks in having their kids playing on the rock pile were outweighed by the benefits from more challenging and creative play.
Lumber traders are used to measuring daily the risks that accompany inherent joys of lumber trading!

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