“Money, Power, and Wall Street”

When their two biggest rivals in Chicago and Boston followed the Vancouver Canucks to an early exit in round one of this year’s NHL playoffs, the remote turned to a much more riveting series for this blogger; Frontlines’s four-part investigation of the global financial crisis.  The first hour corroborated evidence related to 2011 Academy Award winner Inside Job while offering a far more detailed account of the lead-up to the 2008 economic meltdown from primary sources.  The second hour examined a series of secret meetings and decisions which ultimately led to the largest government bailout in US history.  The PVR is already set for parts three and four airing May 1st, “an inside look at how the Obama administration, including a divided economic team, has handled the crisis and how the financial world has returned to many of the practices that created the meltdown in the first place.”  Money, Power, and Wall Street review here.  More from Frontline here.

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