On the heels of Paul Jannke’s presentation (Forest Economic Advisors) at the NAWLA meeting last week, some interesting US home price-to-rent examples from this article.

In Philadelphia, rents have increased nearly 15 percent over the past year through February, while home values have dropped 5.4 percent.

Minneapolis rents are up nearly 10 percent; home prices are down nearly 7 percent.  Baltimore has seen rents rise 8.6 percent and home values drop 4 percent.

In Chicago, median rents in the past 12 months have risen 8.6 percent, or more than $100 a month. In the same period, the median home price has fallen 11 percent, to just $154,600.

2 thoughts on “Price-to-Rent

  1. A sad commentary on the state of the economy in the US. Rents are going up, housing prices are at a low not seen for a long time and people still rent? Can only be because they cannot afford to buy at the bottom of the market.

    How the mighty have fallen…..


  2. Thank you for your comment. What struck me most about economist Paul Jannke’s U.S. charts – all of which clearly illustrated the warning signs at the peak of the housing market bubble before it collapsed in 2008 (house ownership rate, household debt levels, home price-to-rent ratio, new home inventory etc).. was the fact they all looked an awful lot like Canada’s housing market indicators at present. See


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