Beetles and Bunnies

Pine Beetle Reproductive Cycle

“The largest known insect infestation in North American history.”

That’s how the Canadian Forest Service describes the infestation of the mountain pine beetle. The challenge of affecting an interception in the prolific reproductive cycle of these little buggers has had scientists scratching their heads for a long time.

Meanwhile, in Canmore, Alberta, the infestation of bunnies in district woods has inspired locals to come up with creative — some say radical — population control strategies.  Trapped rabbits are being delivered to volunteer vets for a delicate shave and snip – a ‘painless procedure’ – before being released to local retirement sanctuaries where they live out their hippy hop days, albeit with less hump.  Wild life veterinarians are examining the early results of the Canmore experiment to see if there are applicable strategies in woods overpopulated with pine beetle.

Retirement Sanctuary - Canmore, Alberta

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