Law of Process

“I wanted a happy culture, so I fired all the unhappy people.”
That was one successful CEO’s leadership strategy according to this entertaining article.  It tells of Thomas Edison having “dozens of inventors working for him at the same time… charging each with the task of failing forward and sharing the learning from each discovery.  All of them needed to believe that they were part of something big.”

Learning.  I take particular heart from the value ascribed to ‘learning.’  As in most any industry, the fundamentals of lumber marketing demand a sensitivity to change — dynamics that reward creativity, that goes hand in hand with learning.  Leadership expert John Maxwell refers to this as “The Law of Process” – leaders are always learning.
It’s reassuring to hear it said that a college or university education never hurt anybody who was willing to learn after he got it!

“Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.”
– John C. Maxwell

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