Another Cuppa..

Moustache season is entering the homestretch!  When we examine the significant results of Movember next week (and I’m not talking about the mo’s), no doubt we’ll be reflecting on the generosity of all who participated –  over a hot cup of coffee!  In this office that may mean a Starbucks latte, or if McDonald’s has its wish, one of their new McCafe’ lattes.  Latte wars are reportedly steaming up; the McDonald’s latte launch comes just two weeks after Tim Hortons announced its own version of machine-brewed lattes.  Somebody once told me they don’t even believe in God until after they’ve had that first cup of coffee in the morning.  I confess my 20-ounce cup of coffee does pleasantly awaken belief systems during my seabus commute, re-energized to connect with valued customers in need of premium quality SPF.

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