Trucker Tracker

The Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index (PCI) looks to be an economic indicator worth following.  The index provides a real-time measure of U.S. economic activity by monitoring trucking activity through fuel consumption across the country.  It would seem logical to assume our lumber hauling freight rates are positively correlated to the index.  After showing a decline in September, the index rebounded in October.  The November report is expected December 10th.  A visual explanation of the PCI is available here.

Plastic Money, Eh!

Have you heard?  Canada’s going to plastic cash.

Some might already be asking what this all means for lumber’s cash market.  As far as we can tell, nothing!

Meanwhile, as the end of Movember approaches, whether paper or plastic, much appreciated donations in support of prostate cancer awareness month here are gratefully acknowledged.

On Thankgiving..

Somebody has said that on Thanksgiving, all over America families sit down to dinner at the same moment — halftime!  And how great is that – reason enough for thanksgiving.  As many across the U.S. take to the highways and skies to be together this long weekend, here’s to a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Consignee Confusion

Talk about door to door shipping.  I happened to step outside this morning in time to witness this truck in search of an oversize parking spot, to deliver a load of 2×6 Hi Line to our office.  The driver was in the process of making a U-turn when I snapped this photo – evidently after discovering an error between the “Sold to” and “Ship to” addresses on bill of lading.

Another Cuppa..

Moustache season is entering the homestretch!  When we examine the significant results of Movember next week (and I’m not talking about the mo’s), no doubt we’ll be reflecting on the generosity of all who participated –  over a hot cup of coffee!  In this office that may mean a Starbucks latte, or if McDonald’s has its wish, one of their new McCafe’ lattes.  Latte wars are reportedly steaming up; the McDonald’s latte launch comes just two weeks after Tim Hortons announced its own version of machine-brewed lattes.  Somebody once told me they don’t even believe in God until after they’ve had that first cup of coffee in the morning.  I confess my 20-ounce cup of coffee does pleasantly awaken belief systems during my seabus commute, re-energized to connect with valued customers in need of premium quality SPF.

The F-word

A New Democratic member of parliament in Ottawa refuses to apologize for tweeting the F-word in response to a Conservative move to cut off the budget debate.  A former construction worker, he said he was using “normal industrial language” and while some colleagues probably didn’t appreciate his phrasing, he believes they feel the same way.  No doubt the Member of Parliament was not the first guy to use that term, or phrase.

Around here, it’s recognized that the F  in Forestry-related business occasionally even makes its way onto the lumber trading floor.  However, some consider it unprofessional, even in the heat of hectic trading activity spurred by positive U.S. growth outlook reports this week.  Even so, at the end of one such happy week, we’re set to acknowledge the F  in Friday.