If a tree falls in the forest…

In most places old trees just go into the forest to die — except in Vancouver.  We hollow them out, park cars in them, and snap photos for postcards to send to friends in far away places!  A bit of marketing genius some might say.  The $100,000 just spent to ‘restore’ our hollow tree in Stanley Park gives food for thought.  In this age of recycling, might the hollow tree restoration provide incentive to explore options for ‘restoring’ old inventory?

4 thoughts on “If a tree falls in the forest…

  1. By inventory I assume you are referring to investing that money in reforestation? I wonder if there is a return on that $100k from restoring that hollow tree?

    When visitors come to Vancouver, that hollow tree is one of the things they always want to go and see. Is it possible to factor in the economic impact of preserving that touristic icon before assuming that the money would be better spent elsewhere?


  2. In the comments below the original story, someone points out the (dead) hollow tree’s “organic material will return to the soil as nature intended.” No doubt the expensive restoration will prolong that process – the economic benefit of which is difficult to measure.


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