No doubt many in our industry have experienced prostate cancer firsthand or been impacted in some way. November means the season of the moustache is upon us! Here at Dakeryn Industries we’re embracing the hair of the wild, pledging to cultivate genuine 100% face grown moustaches for 30 days to raise prostate cancer awareness and funds.  Movember rules call for starting with a clean shave on November 1st.

Dakeryn is donating $5 from every truckload order in the month of November to Movember Canada, directly funding Prostate Cancer Canada and the Movember Foundation.  Follow our progress here.

Taking away our beaver?

Is nothing sacred?!

We’re told that a Canadian senator this week has called for a national “emblem makeover” by “replacing a vegetarian rodent, that defends its’ territory with urine, with the world’s largest walking carnivore that thrives in the cold”  (National Post 10/28).  The senator claims that the beaver, Canada’s national emblem since 1975, should be replaced with the polar bear.  When asked his opinion on the fuss the senator could be creating with her suggestion, the beaver merely responded:  “I don’t give a dam.”

If a tree falls in the forest…

In most places old trees just go into the forest to die — except in Vancouver.  We hollow them out, park cars in them, and snap photos for postcards to send to friends in far away places!  A bit of marketing genius some might say.  The $100,000 just spent to ‘restore’ our hollow tree in Stanley Park gives food for thought.  In this age of recycling, might the hollow tree restoration provide incentive to explore options for ‘restoring’ old inventory?

China RE

“Right now we have a standoff between homebuyers, developers and the government and everyone is taking a wait-and-see attitude,” Du Jinsong, a real estate analyst at Credit Suisse, said. “This could be very dangerous because if developers all wait until the very last minute to offer discounts the downside for the whole market will be significant.”  Full Story

“Avatar Grove”

“Pink ribbons knotted to tree branches at the side of a gravel logging road mark the entry to an amazing earthly experience, something so different from anything most people have experienced it might be on another world.”

Full Story

A 50-hectare piece of untouched old-growth forest, 110 kms northwest of Victoria