Greenpeace Turns 40

“Greenpeace has had an enormous effect on this province’s forest industry and on forest policy in the temperate rainforests of the coast.  What was once an outrageous demand shouted by protesters chained to logging equipment – stop clear-cutting intact coastal watersheds – is now the law in 64,000 square kilometres of central coast forest.”  Full Story

Lifestyle Marketing

Back in March, I posted that there were finally signs of life in Vancouver’s Olympic Village here, after condo prices were slashed up to fifty per cent.  Today, your purchase includes a free kayak or bicycle… (while quantities last?!).

“If this accelerates sales, the cost of $5,000 is nothing” he said. “It’s not desperation, it’s lifestyle.”

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Reduced North American demand in recent times has lead to extended shutdowns of some of BC’s quality producing sawmills.  The shutdown of Winton is a prime example of the impact on long term employees.  Uncertainty around viability for future start-up, accompanied by obligations to union employees, holds questions that remain largely unresolved.

Patience Wearing Thin for Prince George Mill Workers

Forest Stewardship

Carmanah Valley, BC

In recent times, there’s a growing awareneness and increased sensitivity for managing our forests in a way that ensures their long term sustainability.  “In a changing world, it is a challenge for resource managers to know if today’s policies and regulations are resulting in sustainable forest use – for industry, communities, families and future generations. Through consultation and dialogue with natural resource experts and local communities (including members of the forestry profession, Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals), the Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities initiative aims to inform decision-makers about the people’s vision for the forest lands of British Columbia, identifying areas for improving long-term sustainable management to achieve their goals.”

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Friday Photo

On previous trips to the beach, my 19-month-old daughter was reluctant to walk on the sand let alone dip her toes in the ocean.  So we were ill-prepared when she suddenly determined it was time to jump in, while attending a barbeque last night at Jericho Beach, Vancouver.

BC Wood

While searching for more information on the Global Buyer’s Mission – a trade show at Whistler this weekend inviting wood buyers from around the world – I happened upon an informative page at the BC Wood website.  The newsy postings here appear to be provided by a number of contributors.

Homegrown Tomatoes

If only lumber market demand unfolded as predictably as the seasons for homegrown tomatoes!  It was always this time of year that we could count on my “Oma” bringing out her Mason jars that locked in delicious, homegrown tomato flavors from the vines in her garden.

Only two things that money can’t buy
That’s true love and homegrown tomatoes
– John Denver