Mellin Magic

While there are many picturesque lakes in the world, I’m not sure any can match Mellin when it comes to both beauty and privacy.  Situated on the Douglas Lake Ranch property 50 kilometers east of Merritt, BC, my dad and brother and I used to visit this high altitude lake for a fly fishing trip on an annual basis – until the lone cabin burned down five years ago.  After learning this spring that construction of a lakeside yurt would be ready for summer, the three of us couldn’t wait to return this past weekend.  When we reached the ranch Friday morning, we then headed up the familiar dusty old logging road for another 90 minutes, dodging numerous cattle along the way.  Upon arriving at the lake, I was in awe all over again.  And the only sounds all weekend (between the lively reels ‘n laughter) were of rainbow trout jumping in the distance.  A memorable time!

Ernie, Matt, Paul

Our first rainbow

We caught images of early round-up time, just underway in the high country

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