What’s All This Got to Do with the Price of 2×4’s?

I began reading Mike Apsey’s book entitled What’s All This Got to Do with the Price of 2×4’s over the weekend and couldn’t put it down.  In a career spanning nearly 50 years as a forester, most notably as Deputy Minister of Forests for British Columbia and President and CEO of The Council of Forest Industries, the book offers a fascinating “insider’s” account of our industry – from the early booming years of the 60’s and 70’s, to the complex negotiations of Softwood Lumber Agreements today. Mike’s insightful, academic brilliance combined with vast experience in global forestry is shared in entertaining fashion. At the same time, the holistic, global perspective offered in this memoir reawakens sensitivities to wider points of view in matters related to our forests.

Book Review: Apsey_July_23_2006.

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