Dakeryn Playoff Beard Poll – Updated

While The Stanley Cup Playoffs mercifully near completion (and chicken wings everywhere say “Thank You!”) – voting has officially begun – for The Best Playoff Beard here at Dakeryn Industries.  There was a lot less grey when these playoffs began – remaining competitors who resisted the razor are pictured below.  Polling closes Friday at noon!

UPDATED 6/17 2:00 PST:  Thanks to a stunning flurry of voting at the wire, which momentarily seized up the internet servers here at Harderblog, Chris has won the beard poll!  We’re uncertain how Brett’s seemingly insurmountable lead evaporated (overnight?), but surely this result is yet another illustration of the power of social media.  Congratulations Chris!!

12 thoughts on “Dakeryn Playoff Beard Poll – Updated

  1. Brett wins hands down.
    The rest of you grow beards like red light Louie stops pucks….poorly!
    Sad but true.
    Good luck to the Nucks in gm. 7)


  2. Roy gets my sympathy vote. More grey than anyone else. Most guys would blame that on age. I’m thinking, in this case, it could be co-worker related.




  3. so far all Bretts votes are from bearded guys – not something to be proud of
    my three votes are my wife and 2 daughters – much better!


  4. It’s between Ray, BJ and Sainas for me. I’m leaning toward BJ, due to the fact that it’s the only place on his head with hair. Go Broons!


  5. Brett looks like he put a little too much “Just for Men” in his beard. Me makes a great metro-sexual, doesn’t he?!

    Great job, all of you guys, and thanks for sharing. Cheers. PB


  6. Ray – With that scruffy growth….when you’re finished your lumber trading days, you will fit right in here as a street person in Toronto. Since the Canucks are screwed, you might as well become a Leaf fan – everyone will feel sorry for you and fill your Tim Horton’s coffee cup with loonies & twoonies!

    Meester Cheeemko – You look like you’re spending too much time at that Cabo condo of yours!

    Congrats to all participants!


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