Playoff Beards

In support of the Vancouver Canucks playoff run, razors were officially outlawed here at the Dakeryn office effective May 11th.  Shaves are shelved until the Canucks either win the Stanley Cup, or are eliminated from this year’s NHL playoffs.

The photos taken today indicate progress (or lack there of) on day seven. We’ll all look the playoff part at least, when Dakeryn hosts a private suite for game 5 of our best-of-seven conference final vs San Jose in Vancouver May 24th (if neccessary).

Stay tuned for more photos – and the best beard poll!

Ray, Rob, Chris / Brett, Roy, Albright / Mike, Paul

One thought on “Playoff Beards

  1. At this point, Brett looks like the front-runner if only b/c of the contrast with the rest of his head!


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