Canadian Housing

“One day last February, a small group of real estate agents and reporters boarded a helicopter in Vancouver and flew south to the burgeoning community of White Rock. The purpose of the trip, organized by real estate brokerage Key Marketing Inc., was to promote a new condo development in which a 690-square-foot unit started at $325,900. “The best way to see real estate is from the air,” Cam Good, Key’s founder, told the media.

The agents, it so happened, represented clients in mainland China looking to park a portion of their wealth in Canadian housing. They snapped pictures and shot video from the air as they circled White Rock. Local television stations breathlessly reported on the helicopter tour, the first of its kind in the region. The coverage was exactly what Good was hoping for. “The fact that it’s on the six o’clock news shows just how fixated people are on real estate,” he says. “I’ve often joked that real estate is a sport in Vancouver.”

Housing:  Real Insanity


And another story:

Foreign Property Buyers Restrictions Needed?

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